What is Awesome Bridgewater? 

Awesome Bridgewater is a community indicator system, tracking measures called ‘indicators’ that reflect and measure our community’s well-being. The indicators, are grouped into four theme areas: Downtown Revitalization, Energy, Quality of Life and Community Profiles.

It is also a tracking-progress Community Indicator System (CIS), developed by the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD). The tracking-progress system enables community to track progress on issues that matter to them and relate them to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The SDGs rely on the collection of data for each of the 17 Goals to assess how much progress has been made and what remains to be done before 2030. Collecting and communicating data at the local level can help communities identify strengths and areas where improvement is needed to achieve the SDGs locally.

The tracking-progress network aims to help communities more easily customize, collect and visualize indicator data on key issues of community well-being using maps, graphs and charts, and to track progress on these issues against the SDGs. This “localization” of the SDGs helps to turn abstract global targets into actionable local challenges.

What is Awesome Bridgewater’s Purpose?

Awesome Bridgewater’s purpose is to provide transparency and accountability by providing up-to-date and easy to understand data that is meaningful and useful for local decision making.  Awesome Bridgewater is a central source for tracking the indicators that are important for our community and its well-being. By tracking those indicators, we can celebrate our successes as well as inspire individuals and groups throughout our community to take action where it’s needed most.